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El Mina

Hurghada - North

El Mina
Skill Level: Guided AOW
Max Depth: 30 m
Latitude: 27.225807
Access: Boat
Distance from port: 4 km north
Longitude: 33.847213

Although this ship only sank 30 years ago the variety of stories telling of its demise are wide and varied. There are articles claiming it was sunk as early as 1969 through to 1972, my favourite follows…..

This Russian built T-430 mine sweeper had a length of 58metres weighing in at 580 tons. While at anchor in the Abou Minkar channel in Hurghada it was attacked by a squadron of Israeli fighters on 6 Feb 1970. The Egyptian crew gallantly fought the fighters for many, many hours, which returned time and time again after refuelling and rearming. After many attempts to provide the minesweeper with ammunition its guns became silent. It was struck by a bomb and sank below the surface but resurfaced as the fighter jets were turning back home. The fighters attacked again and this time the minesweeper sank for good.

She lies on her starboard on the sea bed at 30m with her port side at only 18m, she is intact except for a hole in her portside.

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