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Ghiannis D.

Hurghada - North

 Ghiannis D.
Skill Level: Guided AOW
Max Depth: 30 m
Latitude: 27.57422
Access: Boat
Distance from port: 40 km north
Longitude: 33.923238

The Greek ship, registered at the time under the name of Ghiannis D, was on route from Rijka to Hodeidah when she grazed the eastern tip of the Abu Nuhas reef in early April 1983. The crew was evacuated without casualties but the ship lay half submerged on the reef for a couple of weeks until a storm ripped her in two. The aft section sank first, shortly followed by the bow which became lodged on the bottom of the coral slope.

The ship was 99 metres in length and some 2,900 tons and fully loaded when she struck the reef.

The stern section, bridge, funnel, cranes and propellers, lie intact at 27 metres, a little distance from the bows at 12 metres. The mid section has all but disappeared. On the port side of the stern it is possible to make out crate shapes in the sand from the spilled cargo.

The aft section provides some fantastic photo opportunities. The position of the wreck allows shafts of sunlight to illuminate her structure giving a ghostly appearance to her deckworks. Access is possible, with care and a torch, into her engine rooms. On calm days you can make your way to the bow with the foremast, follow the anchor chains to the anchors themselves.

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