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Gota Abu Ramada

Hurghada - Hurghada

Gota Abu Ramada
Skill Level: Guided Scuba Diver
Max Depth: 15 m
Latitude: 27.1393563338391
Access: Boat
Distance from port: 12km north
Longitude: 33.9537547302245

The main reef is surrounded by a 9-15 meters sandy area, where a coral garden extends in all directions. Both to the left and right of the reef you'll find various coral pinnacles. Even in bad weather conditions this is a calm place to dive. Current normally goes from the north splitting at the northern side.

Look for butterfly fish, yellow goatfish, bannerfish, sweet lips and barakudas often in large schools. Morays, jackfish, crocodilefish, stonefish, and occasionally turtles, eaglerays, and dolphins.

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