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Ras Disha

Makadi Bay - Makadi and Hurghada

Ras Disha
Skill Level: Guided Scuba Diver
Max Depth: 30 m
Latitude: 27.037028
Access: Boat
Distance from port: 6 km north
Longitude: 33.892

Ras Disha is approx. a 20 minutes boat journey from Makadi Bay. The reef is the northern part of a bay where you also find Abu Hashish and Makadi Bay. The dive site goes from a plateau at 6-13 m, limited by coral pinnacles in the south and turns into a drop off toward the north at 20-40 m. The current is predominantly going from the north, and the site is protected against stormy sea. You can dive Ras Disha in the inside, outside and as a drift dive.

At the pinnacles you'll find lots of glass fish and their hunters, e.g. scorpionfish, stonefish, trevally, lionfish and grouper. Also bluespot stingray, Octopus, threatfin bream, turtle and much more. On the outside tuna, barracuda and if you're lucky a reef shark.

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