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Coral Sea Aqua Club

At Coral Sea Aqua Club we have a fully comprehensive sales area which can help and assist with all your diving and watersport needs. The actual diving center is just a 5 minute transfer away at the Coral Sea Resort and has fantastic facilities to offer for all levels of diving.


We are located in the reception area of Coral Sea Aqua Club and have a full range of watersports to offer which can be done from the beach at Coral Sea Waterworld. The newly refurbished diving centre there has everything you will need whether you are experiencing diving for the first time or you are an experienced certified diver. All you need to do is email us, come and see us in the reception of your hotel or during our daily try dives we offer for free at the swimming pool and we will arrange everything for you!!









Location And Contacts

Phone: +20 69 362070 ext 8707
Email: sharmenquiries@aquariusredsea.com

The largest International Recreational Diving organization by far is PADI. Recognised all over the world it is your gateway to ensuring quality diving wherever you are. At the heart of a PADI course lies the need to ensure your safety and that of others with you, protection of the environment and that teaching should be fun and enjoyable. Course materials are well thought out, easy to follow and get across the message. Courses are well balanced between the academics, equipment training, pool skills and open water experiences.

Coral Sea Aqua Club

Coral Sea Aqua Club

Sharm El Sheikh

Feel the dynamic pulse the moment you walk into the Coral Sea Aqua Club Resort.

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