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Sharm El Sheikh - Sharm Local Reefs

Skill Level: Guided Scuba Diver
Max Depth: 25 m
Latitude: 27.914633
Access: Boat
Distance from port: 8km north
Longitude: 34.352383

Three dive sites, Near, Middle and Far. Ever creative the local dive fraternity have created another dive here between Far and Middle.... aptly called Fiddle!! Far garden is situated in the northernmost part of the bay just north from Naama Bay. A fringing reef which drops to 25 meters and is scattered with small pinnacles swirling with glassfish.

Middle garden is quite simply situated in the middle of the bay directly in front of the Hyatt Hotel. Completely sheltered from the wind and waves this is a great local site for training or check dives. A sandy plateau at 6 meters sloping down to a drop off at 14 metres.

Near Garden is usually done as a drift from Middle to Near. Following the drop off from Middle garden with the reef to the right is an impressive drift dive over a series of stony coral heads. Shoals of sweet lips and red tooth triggerfish.

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