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Jackfish Alley

Sharm El Sheikh - Ras Mohamed

Jackfish Alley
Skill Level: Guided AOW
Max Depth: 20 m
Latitude: 27.766667
Access: Boat
Distance from port: 6km south
Longitude: 34.256667

This site is also known as Fisherman's Bank with Stingray Alley. It is named after the fact that there is an abundance of jackfish here. The northern end of the site features a downward sloping wall with lots of interesting things to see as the wall is porous and houses many life forms. There are also a number of caves with different entrance and exit points.

Towards the south, lies a sandy coral-covered plateau moving with life and one of Ras Mohammed’s most photographed coral pinnacles swirling with glassfish, every photographers dream. Further south, the plateau narrows into an "alley" where white tip sharks can often be found late afternoon snoozing on the sandy plateau.

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