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Ras Ghazlani

Sharm El Sheikh - Ras Mohamed

Ras Ghazlani
Skill Level: Guided Scuba Diver
Max Depth: 20 m
Latitude: 27.792117
Access: Boat
Distance from port: 4/5km South
Longitude: 34.262533

A gentle but stunning drift dive. Drop down onto a gentle sloping plateau dropping off at around 18 meters. Some very impressive table corals awash with orange clouds of anthias. jacks and barracuda hunt here amongst the schools of blue fusiliers. Home to many sea turtles and occasional manta rays.

Dive can be taken on the outside with the current running mainly from North to South or from the other side of the headland, inside Marsa Bareika with the current running from west to east.

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