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Ras Nasrani

Sharm El Sheikh - Sharm Local Reefs

Ras Nasrani
Skill Level: Guided Scuba Diver
Max Depth: 30 m
Latitude: 27.963483
Access: Boat
Distance from port: 13km north
Longitude: 34.415633

The name of this site means “Christian Cape” in Arabic. A drift dive that starts on a sandy plateau around 6 meters. The reef cuts away in a series of shallow bays where the sandy flows originates. At 12 meters you can see a lovely red anemone in the middle of an impressive coral garden. This dive is best kept shallow to admire the spectacular coral heads.

Ras Nasrani is the ideal spot to find the giant clams, deep purples, blues, browns, being the area with the highest population density in the Red Sea.

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